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Stardust (Large) Candle Holder

The mottled, mirrored silver interior of this candle holder puts on a delightful dancing light display when the tea light is lit.


Stardust (Large) Candle Holder - Single
£2.00 excl tax
£1.40 excl tax

A lovely candle holder with a frosted exterior and mottled, silvered interior.  The flickering light of the candle puts on a wonderful light display when the candle is lit.  The exterior top band of the  holder is decorated with powdered white glass to add diffusion and interest when the candle is lit.

Use with tea lights,  votive candles or fill with your own scented wax recipe for a wonderful gift.  The true beauty of the holder will be revealed as the candle burns down allowing the light to reflect off the interior surface.

Holder measures approx 86mm tall

Top diameter of approx 70mm, tapering to a base diameter of approx 63mm