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Sparkling Twine

£2.88 incl tax
SKU: FIN13148
Festive twine for adding labels to candles, decoration or any craft projects.

Delightful, festive twine for decorating candles, adding labes to candles or any other craft projects.  Soft cotten twine in Christmas red, intertwined with gold sparkle - a lovely festive touch!

  • 20 Meter roll of twine


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£1.10 incl tax
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Plastic wick centering aid. Fits over the rim of a 80mm mould. Wick feeds through the holes in the top an then clips under a retainer clip. Fits moulds with a diameter of 80mm.
£0.55 incl tax
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This natural jute ribbon is ideal for finishing off soya or other eco-friendly candles. Loosely woven, this 2 inch wide ribbon is made from 100% natural jute, a wonderful addition to the 'green' credentials of your candles.
£1.06 incl tax
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Robust, tiny glass measuring beaker for safe measuring of small quantities of oils. 5ml capacity with numbered graduations every 1ml. Durable graduation markings that will stand up well to strong oils.
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Golden Wax 464 a low melt-point wax with glass adhesion. It has a smooth creamy appearance with reduced frosting. This natural soy wax is a advanced blend of soy bean oil and specialised soy-based additives. It holds lots of fragrance, and throws fragrance very well, better than many alternative waxes.
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Sturdy measuring pot with handy pouring spout. Measures up to 50ml with graduation marks every 5ml. Invaluable for measuring oils to give consistent results.
£1.50 incl tax
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Disposable, 10ml syringe with graduations marked up the side. Really useful for accurate measuring of essential oils, candle perfumes and any other liquids.