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Silicone Heart And Egg mould

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Wonderful mould for creating both Valentine and Easter themed wax melts.

Flexible, silicone tray mould with 4 Easter egg and 4 Heart cavities.  Dual purpose, this is a wonderful mould for both Easter and Valentine themed wax melts.  The flexibility of the mould makes removing the wax melts a dream.  Team up with your favourite fragrances, a rainbow of colours and delight your customers!


  • Egg cavity uses approx 13g of wax
  • Heart cavity uses approx 15g of wax
  • Total wax for the whole tray is approx 112- 120g wax - depending on whether or not you use a top-up second pour

We recommend you use a wax for moulded candles to allow easy removal from the mould.

Suitable waxes:

  • Paraffin Pillar
  • Paraffin blended
  • Paraffin pure
  • Soy 'Elite'
  • Soy 'Pillar'

NB: if you choose to use a 'container' wax you will probably need to chill it before the melts will come free of the mould.


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