Saftey Data Sheets are available for all the fragrances we sell. Where fragrances can be used in other products such as soap, we also have the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certificate so you can evaluate the allowable fragrance proportions in different types of product.

SDS and IFRA Data for each fragrance can be found in the 'Product Specification' section on each fragrance product page. See also our IFRA Certificate InfoSheet.

Please be aware that some solvents used in perfumery can attack polished surfaces and some plastics. We recommend you measure fragrances in glass measuring vessels or check the vessel you intend to use is unaffected by the raw fragrance before using it.

Our candle fragrances are the finest quality and are sourced from top fragrance houses in both the UK and Europe. We aim to use only CRUELTY FREE Products and our perfumes have been specially designed for use in candle making (and soap making - check the IFRA Cert), so you can be sure your scented products will smell delicious.

We sell most fragrances in the following bulk sizes:

Bulk Fragrance sizes