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Plastic Candle Mould - Pentagonal

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£3.49 excl tax
SKU: MLD13052
A great entry level mould that will produce a lovely 5-sided shaped candle.

A very good, hard-wearing, economical plastic candle mould for beginners and the more experienced alike.  The mould is supplied with a study base unit which keeps the mould stable and upright as the wax hardens.  This candle mould will give many years good service is cared for properly.

  • Will take temperatures up to 95C (200F)
  • Robust and well made
  • Uses approx 180g wax
  • Using fragrance is not recommended as some of the chemicals may damage the surface of the mould
  • Mould stands approx 12cm tall and measures approx 85mm across at the top, tapering to 62mm at the base
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