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Merry Christmas - Candle Holder

Stunning glass candle holder with mirrored interior.


Merry Christmas - Candle Holder (Multi Word)
£1.95 excl tax

Good size glass candle holder with silver mirrored interior to reflect the candle light.  As the candle burns, the light shines through the words.  Two designs available, one has the words 'We wish for you a merry Christmas' written in the shape of a Christmas tree with star on top.  The second design has the words 'We wish you a merry Chrismas' repeated five times around the holder.

The holder is wonderful with a lit tea light in the base, or fill with your favourite scented wax for a special gift.  As the candle burns down, the messages will be revealed in the candle light.


  • Chrismas glass candle holder measures approx 80mm tall
  • Diameter at top approx 75mm (70mm for wicking)
  • Tapers to a base diameter of approx 67mm