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Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance

A rich and warm cinnamon fragrance with hints of cinnamon bark, clove and ground nutmeg.


Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance - 50ml
£3.13 excl tax
Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance - 100ml
£5.92 excl tax
Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance - 250ml
£14.17 excl tax
Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance - 500ml
£24.00 excl tax
Fiery Cinnamon Fragrance - 1000ml
£41.66 excl tax

Fill the air with festive cheer with our rich and warm cinnamon fragrance. Brimming with hints of cinnamon bark, clove and ground nutmeg.


  • Gel wax compatible - Unknown
  • Add to melted wax at a rate of 2-10% (Maximum recommended)
  • Flashpoint >100C


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