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ECO Series Wick Testing Pack

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SKU: ECO-Test-Pack
A raw wick pack for testing new candles. Each pack contains 1 meter lengths of every wick we stock in the ECO series

Avoid frustration with our incredibly handy pack of Wedo ECO raw wick. Keep in the tool chest for testing new candles, so you always have a good range of wick at your fingertips! No more waiting for an order to arrive before you can even begin testing.

Each pack will contain 1 meter lengths of individually labelled:

  • ECO 0.2
  • ECO 0.5
  • ECO 1
  • ECO 2
  • ECO 4
  • ECO 6
  • ECO 8
  • ECO 10
  • ECO 12
  • ECO 14
  • ECO 16


Wick Size guide:

Wick Size Melt Pool Sustainer Size
ECO 0.2 4 - 4.5cm Standard
ECO 0.5 4.5 - 5cm Standard
ECO 1 5 - 5.5cm Standard
ECO 2 5.5 - 6cm Standard
ECO4 6 - 6.5cm Larger Hole
ECO6 6.5 - 7cm Larger Hole
ECO 8 7 - 7.3cm Larger Hole
ECO 10 7.3 - 7.5cm Larger Hole
ECO 12 7.5 - 7.8cm Larger/Largest Hole
ECO 14 7.8 - 8cm Largest Hole
ECO 16 8+cm Largest Hole

NB:  Sizes for guidence only.  Figures given are tested in plain paraffin wax under laboratory conditions.  Fragrance, colour and additives will all effect the final melt pool size achievable.  Please make sure you test with your product for suitablily.


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