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Divine Candle Fragrance (Similar to Thierry Mugler - ANGEL)

Designer fragrance similar in style and design to Thierry Mugler - Angel. Top notes are of mandarin orange, cassia, melon, coconut, jasmin and bergamot with floral middle notes reminiscent of blackberry, plum, honey, apricot, peach and rose followed by solid base notes of amber, patchouli vanilla and tonka bean.


Divine Fragrance 50ml
£4.75 incl tax
£3.32 incl tax
Divine Fragrance 100ml
£9.00 incl tax
£6.30 incl tax
Divine Fragrance - 250ml
£20.00 incl tax
£14.00 incl tax
Divine Fragrance - 500ml
£35.00 incl tax
£24.50 incl tax
Divine Fragrance - 1000ml
£59.99 incl tax
£41.99 incl tax

(Similar to Thierry Mugler - ANGEL)


A sweet, oriental fragrance with opening notes of bergamot, coconut and jasmine, supported by edible smelling cotton candy notes.  All this gives way to to a heart of cramy vanilla and jasmine and rest on a base of intense patchouli, oakmoss, musk coumarin and sandalwood.

  • Add at a rate 0f 2-10% (between 2 and 10 grams for every 100g wax used)
  • Gel wax compatible - Unkown
  • Flashpoint >100%
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