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Cottage Candle Mould (Latex)

£2.70 excl tax
£1.89 excl tax
SKU: MLD13063
Durable latex mould to create pretty cottage candles

Thick, flexible latex mould to make pretty cottage-shaped candles and plastercraft figures.


Mould stands approx 9cm tall, with a plinth of approx 10cm x 5.5cm

Mould uses approx 175g wax

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An easy-to-use, flexible latex to create a cute Frog candle or figurine. Finish off with our candle paints to give him character and come to life!
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Top quality latex mould in the shape of a Santa figure dragging his sack. The sack doubles up as a small candle holder which is quite sweet really! Wonderful for creating novelty candles or stone craft figures. Mould measures approx 8cm long and stands approx 8.5cm tall.
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Metal sustainers for larger wicks. Ideal for container candles or large tea light candles that require a thicker bore wick. Pre-wax your wick, insert end into the sustainer, crimp in place with pliers, trim to desired length.
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Anti-rust, 5" metal wick needle. Use to support wicks whilst wax is cooling and for threading wick through rubber moulds.
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Superfine, polyester glitter for decorating candles or for other crafts, in pale blue colour.