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Clamshell Packs - Pack of 10

£4.98 incl tax
SKU: MLD13340
Really handy for wax melts, just pour, label and they are ready to go!

Handy wax melt clamshell cases.  Simply pour the scented wax directly into the clamshell case at around 60-70C, allow to harden, close the lid and label.  Ready to retail - it's that simple!


  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Each clamshell pack uses approx 70-80g wax
  • Manufactured from recyled PET
  • Snap off a cube or two to use in a wax melter/oil burner
  • Clamshell pack size approx 200mm x 73mm x 25mm


We recommend you use a wax for moulded candles to allow easy removal from the clamshell.

Suitable waxes:

  • Paraffin Pillar
  • Paraffin blended
  • Paraffin pure
  • Soy 'Elite'
  • Soy 'Pillar'


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