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Christmas Tree Standing Mould

£14.99 excl tax
SKU: MLD13349
A wonderful festive candle mould shaped as a Christmas Tree.

This two-piece polycarbonate mould will produce beautiful Christmas Tree candles,  a lovely addition to festive decorations for the home, or to sell.   Choose the colour you make to compliment your festive theme!


 .  Heat resistant up to 120 degree C 

 .  Supporting legs provide a stable base 

 .  Clips, seal and wick supporting pin included in the pack. 

 .  Uses approx 140g of wax 

.   Clips, seal and wick supporting pin included in the pack. 

NB: The solvent in some candle fragrance can damage the inside surface of the mould. We don't recommend using fragrance in these moulds.


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