Cancelled Order

If your order is cancelled you should receive a notification from our system to let you know that.
The order may have been cancelled by an administrator at your request, but if that was not the case, there are various reasons why it can happen. The most usual cause it that the payment failed to complete. To understand why, here is a quick overview of the process.
To protect your security we use what we believe are the best and most secure payment processing providers (PayPal and SagePay) to process order payments. These service providers are equipped with the best available technology, physical and online security systems, anti-fraud software and are staffed by dedicated, specialist staff focussed on keeping financial transaction safe and private. We never see any of your creditcard details with these systems. 
Before we can direct you to the payment processor we need to take you through the checkout process and create an order from your shopping cart so you can confirm the details on it are correct. When the order gets created, the system generates a 'Order Received' notification to let you know we got the order (no payment has been taken at this point). Once you are happy all is as you intended you click the payment button and are directed across to the payment provider who takes your card details (we never see them). If you approve the payment, the payment provider communicates with your card issuer to check funds are available and arranges for the transfer (or ring-fencing). If all is well, an authorisation is returned to us and you are redirected to our site. 
With PayPal, at this point the payment is complete so the order is updated accordingly and our system sends a 'Payment Received' notification to you. The situation is slightly different with SagePay where we use a mechanism called a 'Deferrment'. With a deferrment, the availability of funds are checked and authorised - the money is ring-fenced but it is not actually taken from your card. The payment is not complete at this stage (ie money transferred) so the system does not issue a 'Payment Received' notification. With SagePay, the money is not actually transferred until we ship your order - at which time you would get a 'Payment Received' notification quickly followed by an 'Order Shipped' notification.
The upside of this as far as a customer is concerned is we don't actually take the payment until we are certain everything is available and can be sent. The downside for you as the customer is that you do not receive a 'Payment Received' when your order is placed as you would with a PayPal payment. 
If the payment fails for any reason, the order can no longer get processed so the system automatically cancels it and sends an you 'Order Cancelled' notification.
This of course can be very confusing if you think your payment has been proceessed satisfactorily. However, if you abandon the process (get called away during processing) or click the back button the payment will time out after a while and of course, the order will be cancelled. Clicking the back button with have the same effect as will navigating away to another site or closing your browser during the payment process.
This is all intended behaviour to ensure orders which will never get processed (because they havent been paid for) don't get left in limbo.
If the process failed and the order was cancelled, but actually you still want the items you were ordering, we recognise it would be a real pain to have to recreate the order again. So, we've made it easy for you. Simply go to your Order History, find the cancelled order, click to view it and when it opens, you will see a button (bottom left of the order) which is marked 'RE-ORDER'. If you click that, the system will simply create a new cart and add all the items to it for you.