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Best Candle Fragrances

The wick is the heart of a candle and there are literally thousands of variations around to suit different types of waxes and mixtures. Each candle wick has its own characteristics and performance and everything from the type of wax, size of container or mould, dyes, fragrance, additives etc. will impact on which wick you need for your candle project. We should should be able to give you a good starting point if you are using our waxes, fragrances and dyes, but only your testing will be able to determine the best final choice. Drop us a line of call if you need help making a selection. 

We stock a great range of wicks, from flat-braided for paraffin waxes, round wicks for beeswax, paper and zinc cored for container candles and even wicks that perform well with natural Soya and Rapeseed waxes. We also stock a good proportion of pre-waxed and tabbed wicks to make life easy for you. So whether you are looking for a wick to suit pillar, container, votive or simple tea light candles, we should be able to provide what you need.