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Wax Tart Mould - Each

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SKU: MLD010466
Seamless, fluted metal moulds for creating wax melts or floating candles.

Seamless, fluted metal moulds for creating wax melts or floating candles.

. Seamless - no leaks
. Approx 57mm in diamter and 20mm high
. For wax tarts/melts or floating candles

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Metal, re-usable candle moulds for making 15 hour votive candles. Team up with the auto votive pins to make central wick holes every time. Slip in a pre-waxed wick and you're done - simples
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Invaluable aid for wicking votive candles. Durable metal, votive candle automatic wick centering pin. Set the pin in the base of a votive candle mould, pour the wax and allow to cool. Remove the metal pin from the candle and a perfectly centred hole is left to feed the wick through.
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Yankee Candle style glass jar with glass stopper. It's an 8oz jar that takes about 140g wax to fill to the start of the shoulder.
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Small, heart-shaped ceramic containers. Wonderful for candle making, try making a scented candle as a thoughtful gift!
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Pretty, heart shaped metal tin in attractive satin finish. Ideal for professional looking container candles, for gifts, home use or for those of you who retail your candles at craft fairs etc. The push-on lid keeps your candles dust-free and preserves the fragrance.
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Clear gel wax for making creative container candles. Remains completely clear when set, wonderful for underwater scene candles, cocktail glass candles or candles with embeds

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Cleaning And Caring For Your Moulds

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