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Votive Candle Mould- 15hr (Metal)

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Metal, re-usable candle moulds for making 15 hour votive candles. Team up with the auto votive pins to make central wick holes every time. Slip in a pre-waxed wick and you're done - simples

Metal, re-usable candle moulds for making 15 hour votive candles.

Votive mould measures approx 5cms tall with a top diameter of approx 4.5cms tapering to a base diameter of 3.7cm.

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Invaluable aid for wicking votive candles. Durable metal, votive candle automatic wick centering pin. Set the pin in the base of a votive candle mould, pour the wax and allow to cool. Remove the metal pin from the candle and a perfectly centred hole is left to feed the wick through.
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Soft, non-sticky putty to use to seal candle mould seams and to seal wicks in place to prevent wax escaping through the wick hole. Jolly useful stuff! Pack contains 2 x 7g sticks.
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Sustainers that are pre-fitted with waxed wick. Suitable for standard size tea light candles. Sustainers have a diameter of 1.5cm, wick is approx 3.5cms. Pack of 50
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Seamless, aluminium mould for making pillar candles. Slightly concave top. With care, this mould will last for years. Aluminium mould measures approx 50mm in diameter and 150mm tall.
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Ideal for container candles or tea light candles. Pre-wax your wick, insert end into the sustainer, crimp in place with pliers, trim to desired length.
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Yankee Candle style glass jar with glass stopper. It's an 8oz jar that takes about 140g wax to fill to the start of the shoulder.

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Cleaning And Caring For Your Moulds

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