Shipping and Delivery


We always do our best to ship orders the same working day, however, that is not always physically possible especially at very busy times of the year. You will receive an email notice to tell you when we have dispatched.

Please note, delivery time estimates are based on when your order is dispatched, not when it was received by us.

We try to keep our shipping prices as low as possible. There is however, a lower limit because of the cost of packing materials and other resources.

Shipping costs are based on weight and the best way to find out what you would be charged is to add items to a shopping cart then visit the checkout to get an estimate 

NB: You cannot be charged anything until you have gone right through checkout process (including payment) and confirmed an order so don't worry about putting things in a cart, they can simply be abandoned if you are not happy about something.

We ship to all UK domestic destinations as well as most of Europe and many other international destinations. Sadly, it is a fact of life that shipping rates to remote or difficult to reach locations cost more. We have no control over this at all but we do our best to absorb some of the cost where we can to keep prices competitive.

PLEASE NOTE: We are bound by the terms of service of the various carriers we use and that means we have to pass those conditions on in any orders placed with us. The delivery times we give are our best estimates based on the published information for the particular carrier and are provided for your guidance only.


If your order is sent by carrier you should receive a tracking number in the 'Order Despatch Confirmation' email. To track your delivery simply follow this link and enter your tracking number. 

Delivery Services

Once the Order is in the postal/carriers system we lose control of it. However, depending on which shipping service you choose at the checkout, we may have included a tracking number with your despatch confirmation.

Most Orders are sent using a receipted delivery system - so you (or your representative) will need to sign for them. If you order is large or heavy it will normally be sent by Carrier in which case the shipment is usually trackable online.

Late Delivery

It's inevitable that things will occasionally go awry, but even when this happens, the package usually turns up after a short while.

Here is what you should do if your order does not arrive as expected:

Make sure your order has actually been despatched. You will receive a despatch confirmation on the day it is sent, but you can also login and check the status of your order - If the order has a status of 'Shipped, or 'Complete' this means it has been despatched.

We don't use the Royal Mail service very much these days as carriers in our opinion offer a better service which is often fully trackable. Where the Royal Mail is used, they aim to delivery 1st Class mail the next working day although this may not be the case in all areas and can depend on where you live. They don't consider a package late until 7 working days have passed and do not consider a package lost until 15 working days have elapsed. Unfortunately we can't normally do anything about a late order until the package is declared lost by the carrier at which point we will ship again.

Also worth knowing:

Another little known piece of information: - You can generally claim compensation for lateness if a package is sent by Royal Mail (so long as it wasn't caused by you not being available to accept the package of course) - Please see the Royal Mail website for details because the rules do change from time to time.


If the carrier has been unable to deliver your order after the requisite number of attempts, it will be returned to us and we get charged again for the return trip. If you still wish for the order to be delivered, you will be required to cover the carrier return charge and and pay the outbound shipping again.

Postal Instructions

All orders above a set value (which changes from time to time) require a signature upon receipt.  You can elect to have the package left with a close neighbour but a signature may still be required. For well established customers, we may be able to arrange for a package to be left in a safe place, however, we are under no obligation to do this.  Packages are left with neighbours and in safe locations at the customers own risk - our preference is always to deliver to the customer directly and receive a signature for the receipt.