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Best Candle Fragrances

Candle moulds galore! Gone are the days when your choice of candle making moulds was restricted to round, square or pyramid. The world of candle making has become an exciting place! Modern technology now allows us to have a fantastic selection of candle making moulds - from the decorative 'opening bud', and 'blazing arc' to moulds with such intriguing titles as 'sugar loaf' and 'art deco triangle'. You can have your moulds square, star shaped, hexagonal, pentagonal, pyramid, cylindrical, spherical, egg shaped or even as a flat disc!

Not only do you have a vast array of shapes and sizes to choose from with your candle moulds, but you now have a choice of construction materials. Polycarbonate moulds are not only robust, but allow for the use of fragrance, dyes and additives such as stearin and vybar - making release from the mould much easier. Metal moulds are both durable and versatile, allowing high temperature waxes to be utilised. Plastic moulds offer exceptional value for money, but fragrance is not recommended with them. Latex and silicone allow for intricate shapes and detailing, but do require pure paraffin wax to be used in the moulds.

With so much to choose from, your candles can be as unique as you are....