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Heat and Waterproof Adhesive - 14ml Tube

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*** NOT SUITABLE FOR AIRMAIL *** Heat and waterproof glue - ideal for fixing wick assemblies to the base of containers.

Heat and waterproof glue - ideal for fixing wick assemblies to the base of containers.

. Heat proof - will hold fast even in hot paraffin wax
. 14ml tube
. Instructions on box

NB: A bit fiddly to use, probably not suitable for the complete novice. Two coats needed.

Apply two coats, first coat is applied to parts to be joined.
Press together, then immediately pull part.
Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry (it goes opaque).
Apply a second coat and hold the two parts together firmly for a few minutes.

NB: I found it better to then allow the glue to dry for about 5 minutes before tensioning the wick and securing it at the top.

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