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There is nothing more inviting than the warm glow of a scented candle gently percolating the room, perhaps with the warm scent of 'Cinnamon', the tropical fragrance of 'Coconut', the festive scent of 'Mulberry' or the heady notes of Patchouli. We stock a superb range of professional grade candle perfumes in both liquid and sold block form and all have been specially formulated to work well with our comprehensive range of candle waxes. So, whether you prefer paraffin wax, the more environmentally sustainable soya or even Gel waxes, we have delightful fragrance oils to meet your exacting standards.

The scents are released from the candle melt pool as its heat gently excites the fragrance molecules, filling the room with your chosen aroma - A little goes a long way.

Our candle fragrances are sourced from both Europe and the UK and we always aim to use CRUELTY FREE Products.

Looking for a specific type of fragrance?  Then see below: