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Candle Making Supplies UK And Europe

Candle Making Supplies UK
Quality Candle Making Supplies
Very Competitive Pricing.
Fast Delivery.
First Rate Customer Service.
Candle Making Waxes
Quality Waxes - Any Volume
Also Beeswax and Paraffin Waxes.
As Well As Wax Additives.
Candle Making Moulds
Candle Making Moulds
Metal - For Longevity
Polycarbonate - Style With Toughness
Polythene Moulds - Cost Sensitive Production
Latex Moulds - Complex & Fun Shapes.
Quality Candle Scents UK
Superior Candle Fragrance
Delicate To Robust
- Sensual To Exotic
Light Florals To Zesty Citrus Notes
All With A Great Throw.
Candle Making Dye
Quality Candle Dyes.
High Intensity
- Wide Colour Range.
Both Solid And Liquid In Stock.
Check Out Our Dyes Channel.
Candle Making Wick
Wicks Are Critical
We Stock A Great Range
All Work Well With Our Waxes
Check Out The Wick Channel.
Latex Candle Moulds
Candle Making Is Fun.
It's Not Hard To Learn
Let Your Creative Juices Flow
If You Get Stuck
- We're Here To Help

You Really Can Do It Yourself!

Candle making is certainly fun and relaxing and whether you simply make items for yourself, friends and family, or for sale, we can supply everything you need at very competitive prices with fast shipping and great customer service.

It's no surprise that people are trying home candle making to get the products they want when you see how much well-known brands charge for their home fragrancing products and when you consider that you can now get such attractive, powerful fragrances and top class materials from us at such reasonable prices.

As far as candle making supplies are concerned, we can satisfy all of your needs (even if your budget is very modest), we ship fast and provide great customer support, so why not give us a try us and you'll see for yourself why we think our total service is unbeatable.

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Microcrystalline Wax (Soft)
Stephanotis Cafe - Candle Fragrance
Pineapple And Mango - Candle Fragrance
Freesia - Candle Fragrance
Fireside - Candle Fragrance
Eucalyptus And Spearmint - Candle Fragrance
Dark Rum Candle Fragrance

ECO 16 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 110mm
ECO 14 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 110mm
ECO 12 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 110mm
ECO 10 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 100mm
ECO 8 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 100mm
ECO 6 Pre Tabbed Wicks (Pack 25) - 100mm
Luxury Candle Glass - Karen 30cl

Naturewax C-3 - Soy Container Wax
Sustainers (15mm) - Largest Hole - 4mm  (Pk 100)
Golden Wax 464 -Soy Container Wax
White Beeswax - Cosmetic Grade
Yellow Beeswax - Cosmetic Grade
Stardust - Candle Fragrance
Rose Gold Embers - Candle Fragrance

Winter Jasmine And Cashmere - Candle Fragrance
Silicone Mini Muffin Tray
Silicone Loaf Mould
HF 3-18-24 (450) -  (Pack of 25)
HF 3-16-24 (450) -  (Pack of 25)
HF 3-14-24 (450) -  (Pack of 25)
HF 3-12-24 (450) -  (Pack of 25)

Wax Pen - Black
Wax Pen - Red
Jarisma Container Wax
Wax Pen - Gold

M H - 21/02/2017
I just wanted to say 'Wow' ! As a new customer I am absolutely delighted with your service. The items I ordered were packaged superbly and have arrived so quickly . Absolutely fantastic . Keep up the great service and work. You will definitely be my supplier of choice and I will recommend you.
S F - 20/02/2017
Fantastic customer service from Paula today !
R M - 17/02/2017
Always a very friendly and helpful service, thank you!
G R - 16/02/2017
Always buy from you and am very happy with the service. I was a little worried when the product I buy was out of stock for a while. However when I called, your sales assistant was very apologetic. She explained what the problem was and assured me that it would be in stock soon. She offered to let me know when the item was back in stock and I received an email today so, I would like to thank Paula for the email and the rest of the team for great customer service. Thank you.
H S - 15/02/2017
This is definitely the best UK site I've found for candle making. I haven't made them before and lack of options was making me hesitant to try this. But I found your site and I'm definitely going to try it, I've wanted to do it for ages and was held back by high delivery prices and prices of oils. So I'm very grateful to have found your site and will most definitely use it again!!
J S - 14/02/2017
I had to telephone your customer services for assistance and Paula was extremely helpful. She was polite, friendly and helped me get exactly what I needed without rushing me or making me feel I was a pest! Thank you so much, I will be back for more products without a doubt!
L F - 13/02/2017
awesome scents, highly recommend!!!!
K P - 13/02/2017
Very easy to use the website and when I have called for advice, I have always found staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you!
R D - 11/02/2017
Very efficient and friendly staff and very quick deliveries with no problems
D G - 07/02/2017
Thank you for a very helpful site.

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