Candle Making Equipment

Candle making is fun and cost-effective. With the minimum of equipment you try your hand and be rewarded with a unique creation that reflects your own personality. In our candle making equipment section you will find everything you need to set you on an exciting journey of discovery. We stock all the basic tools such as thermometers, wick supporting pins, wick needles, mould seal and even disposable syringes, but for the more advanced student, we also have handy little gadgets such as wick centering tools and votive candle auto centering pins. If you sell your candles or give them as gifts, then we have candle safety labels to give your candle the professional finishing touch!

From your first ever candle to professional candles for profit, we have the equipment to help you grow as you learn more about the exciting world of candle making.

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Here is a Free Candle record sheet you can download and print to help you track the relevant details for your candles:

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