Aluminium pouring jugs are one of the most useful pieces of candle making equipment for both beginners and the more advanced candle maker alike. Unlike plastic jugs, aluminium jugs transfer heat readily making wax melting a much faster process. Our large jugs have the capacity to melt up to 2kg of wax at a time - just what you need when making batches of candles. With heat-proof handles, the jugs sit happily in a standard kitchen saucepan, and protect your fingers from the heat when transferring the melted wax into your moulds.
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Cork Mats (Pack of 2) - 20cm

A handy addition to the chandlers toolchest. Ideal for protecting work surfaces from hot jugs and moulds.

. Circular cork mat
. Measures approx 20cm in diameter and 6mm thick.
. Insulate work surfaces from heat.
. Pack of 2

Product Code: EQU011049


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Jumbo Lolly Sticks (Pack of 100)

Disposable, wooden lolly sticks - wonderful for stirring melted wax, distributing dye or fragrance. Large surface area moves a lat of wax.

. Jumbo wood lolly sticks
. Pack of 100 (approx)
. Measure approx 150mm long and 20mm wide

Product Code: EQU011050


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Pouring Jug - Aluminium (2kg)

A versatile and really handy piece of equipment. This large aluminium pouring jug can handle up to 2Kg of liquid wax (based on a paraffin density of .85g/ml). You can use this jug just for pouring, or use it in a water bath to melt your wax. Large enough to be used for dipping too!

. Candle makers Jug holds up 2Kg liquid wax
. Use for melting and pouring
. Jug stands approx 20.5cm tall with a diameter of 13.5cm
. Heat resistant, thermoplastic handle

Product Code: EQU009748


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