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A range of very handy, candle mould accessories to help you get the very best results with your candle making projects. Whether you need replacement silicone rubber cord for sealing your candle moulds, putty to seal around the wick hole, or clips to clamp your candle mould together, we have just things. For creative candle making, take a look at our mould Holder. Supports your mould at many angles allowing for multi-coloured layers. Brilliant!
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Candle Mould Clips - Pack of 6

Very useful metal clips for clamping two-piece moulds together. Holds everything nice and tightly closed whilst the wax hardens. Easy to put on and take off.

. Pack of 6 candle mould spring clips
. Clips measure approx 32mm in length

Product Code: EQU009639


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Candle Mould Holder - Four Candle

Create unique, layered candles, with ease! This clever candle mould holder will support up to 4 candle moulds at a time. Each of the four supporting rings can be turned through 360 degrees, allowing you to not only hold a mould upright, but to hold it at any angle you like. Layered candles couldn't be simpler!

. Stand will support up to 4 candles at a time
. Mould support can be held at multiple angles
. Ideal for creating layered candles
. Easy to assemble, clip

Product Code: EQU009712


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Candle Mould Sealing Putty - 2 Sticks (14g)

Soft, non-sticky putty to use to seal candle mould seams and to seal wicks in place to prevent wax escaping through the wick hole. Jolly useful stuff!

Pack contains 2 x 7g sticks.

Product Code: TLS009462


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Dummy Silicone Tea Light Insert

Silicone, dummy tealight insert for candle making. The insert creates a space for tea lights in finished candles. Wonderful if you are making pillar candles with embeds, the space for the tea light means the candle isn't burned so just about any material can be used to create wonderful decorative candles!

Product Code: EQU011575


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Silicone Candle Mould Sealing Cord - Per Metre

Silicone cord for sealing 2 piece candle moulds. Very useful for replacing lost sealing cord, or perished cord.

. Sold by the Metre so you don't have to buy more than you need
. Seals 2 piece candle moulds

Product Code: EQU009638


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Silicone Tea Light Inlay

This small silicone tea light inlay is designed to keep the heat of a tea light from melting through wax. Ideal for using in the base of hurricane shells or patio Lumiere's. The small lip holds the tea light in place and you don't have to worry about the tea light working it's way through the base!

. Silicone inlay measures approx 50mm in diameter and stands approx 1cm tall

Product Code: EQU011171


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Stand For Styrene Candle Mould

Candle mould stand especially designed to support any of the large styrene moulds as the wax hardens. Simply place the mould in between the 'two hump' to keep the mould stable and standing upright.

Product Code: MLD009711


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