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Tips and techniques used by professionals and crafters alike

Storing Excess Wax A quick and easy way to store surplus wax .....
Calculating How Much Wax You Need - Quickly Calculating how much candle wax you'll need for a mould doesn't have to be a headache. Here's a quick tip to put you in the right ball-park......
Repairing Surface Blemishes On Candles Occasionally you get a surface blemish on your finished candle. Don't ditch it - repair it.........
How To Use PE22 Polymer Hardener PE22 is a polymer hardener that can be added to wax to give it a higher melting point and a tough finish. It's an ideal additive for making hurricane candle shells.....
Using Candle Dyes When you add your dye to melted wax, it's difficult to judge the shade the final colour will be......
Is Your Fragrance Gel Wax Compatible? Not all candle fragrances are gel-wax compatible, but there is a quick test you can do to see if yours is!.....

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M H - 21/02/2017
I just wanted to say 'Wow' ! As a new customer I am absolutely delighted with your service. The items I ordered were packaged superbly and have arrived so quickly . Absolutely fantastic . Keep up the great service and work. You will definitely be my supplier of choice and I will recommend you.
S F - 20/02/2017
Fantastic customer service from Paula today !
R M - 17/02/2017
Always a very friendly and helpful service, thank you!
G R - 16/02/2017
Always buy from you and am very happy with the service. I was a little worried when the product I buy was out of stock for a while. However when I called, your sales assistant was very apologetic. She explained what the problem was and assured me that it would be in stock soon. She offered to let me know when the item was back in stock and I received an email today so, I would like to thank Paula for the email and the rest of the team for great customer service. Thank you.
H S - 15/02/2017
This is definitely the best UK site I've found for candle making. I haven't made them before and lack of options was making me hesitant to try this. But I found your site and I'm definitely going to try it, I've wanted to do it for ages and was held back by high delivery prices and prices of oils. So I'm very grateful to have found your site and will most definitely use it again!!
J S - 14/02/2017
I had to telephone your customer services for assistance and Paula was extremely helpful. She was polite, friendly and helped me get exactly what I needed without rushing me or making me feel I was a pest! Thank you so much, I will be back for more products without a doubt!
L F - 13/02/2017
awesome scents, highly recommend!!!!
K P - 13/02/2017
Very easy to use the website and when I have called for advice, I have always found staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you!
R D - 11/02/2017
Very efficient and friendly staff and very quick deliveries with no problems
D G - 07/02/2017
Thank you for a very helpful site.