Candle Decorating and Finishing Touches

Turn your candle into a work of art with the help of our candle decorating materials. Try our polyester glitters to add a touch of sparkle, or perhaps one of our water-slide transfers to add interest. Our candle decorating appliqué wax sheets come in a rainbow of colours, are soft enough to cut with cake decorating cutters, cookie cutters or scissors and can be crafted into a whole host of interesting shapes and textures.

Add a touch of luxury to your candle by highlighting with our ultra fine embossing powder, heat with a hair dryer or craft gun to produce a smooth metallic finish. For easy candle decorating, look no further than our metallic wax strips. Available in silver or gold, in a variety of widths and textures, simply use a little candle glue to attach a strip and transform a plain candle into an ornate masterpiece with very little effort.

For the perfect finishing touch, try decorating your finished candle with a simple wrap-around of raffia, finished off with wooden beads. Elegant and natural - the perfect partner for soy and rapeseed candles.

However you like to decorate and personalise your candles, we have the perfect solution here in our candle decorating section!

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Here is a Free Candle record sheet you can download and print to help you track the relevant details for your candles:

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