Candle Accessories

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Brass Candle Snuffer (Assorted Styles) - Mini Handle

Solid brass candle snuffers. Full size bell, but short handle. These are ideal for space saving.

Product Code: SNF010281


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Candle Adhesive

Candle too small for your holder? This candle adhesive holds candles firmly and safely in place whilst they burn.

Product Code: CND002524


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Candle Holder - Dual Size

Handy, clear glass candle holder - with a difference. One side will support mini candles, turn it over and the other side will support standard dinner candles. How good is that?

Candle holder measures approx 5.5cm in diameter and stands approx 2.5cm tall

Product Code: CHD011258


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Candle Holder - Glass (Short)

Really useful candle holders. Clear glass so you get elegance as well as a good weight to keep the candle safely anchored. This holder would look lovely on the dining table.
Suitable for candles with a base diameter of up to 2.5cms.

Product Code: CHD004663


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Candle Snuffer

British made, wrought iron candle snuffer. a lovely rustic finishing touch.

Product Code: CND001058


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Candle Snuffer - Silver Coloured (Wood Handle)

A very nice candle snuffer with hinged bell making it easier to reach awkward candles. Silver coloured, with wooden handle.

Candle snuffer measures approx 30cm long

Product Code: SNF009130


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Candle Snuffer - Wood Handle (Large Bell)

Traditional candle snuffer with lovely large, brass bell. Hinged for easy use, this candle snuffer has a nicely carved wooden handle for comfort grip.

Candle snuffer measures approx 26cm in length, with a bell diameter of approx 4.5cm.

Product Code: SNF008795


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Glass Candle Plate - 9cm

Jolly useful glass plate for pillar candles. Protects surfaces from dripping wax and the three little bun feet keeps the heat away too!

Glass plate measures approx:

. Overall diameter 9cm
. Candle area 6.5cm

Product Code: CHD009548


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