Candle Making Wicks

The wick is the heart of a candle and there are literally thousands of variations around to suit different types of wax and combinations, each has its own characteristics and performance. It provides a vehicle to transport fuel from the melt pool to feed the flame and will determine both the size of the melt pool (which largely determines fragrance throw) and importantly, how cleanly the candle will burn.

Selecting a wick is to some degree a process of intelligent trial and error. Intelligent because from the masses of data we have amassed over the years, we can usually suggest a fairly close starting point wick to try. Nevertheless, for your final product, only you will be able to determine which wick works best. Everything from the type of wax, size of container or mould, dyes, fragrance, additives etc. has an impact on the best wick to use and professional candle makers put a lot of effort (and testing) into getting the right combination for a new product. We can help with information and advice, but in the end, only you can decide what is right by testing.

We stock a good range of wicks, from flat-braided for paraffin waxes, to round wicks for beeswax, paper and zinc cored and even wicks that perform well with natural Soya and Rapeseed waxes. So whether you are looking for a wick to suit pillar, container or simple tea light candles, we're here to help.

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Here is a Free Candle record sheet you can download and print to help you track the relevant details for your candles:

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