Candle Wick - 5 mtrs (R 18/40 SU)

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The unique braiding construction of this wick provides a thinner wick, which can perform the same as a thicker and heavier flat wick. Made purely of the highest grade ring-spun cotton, the R series of wicks has a special “SU” chemical treatment, which gives improved burning performance. For use with Paraffin wax.

. Designed especially for taper and dinner candles requiring a very small melt pool
. Use with Paraffin wax
. Melt pool approx 15mm in diameter

With dinner candles it is important to use a small wick. The melt pool needs to be contained within the outer walls of the candle otherwise the wax will spill down the sides of the candle making a mess of the candlestick and possibly the surface it is resting on. These wicks are designed to burn upright, they don't curl to one side for self-trimming, which sometimes gives a lopsided melt pool.



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