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A good range of candle wax additives are now available to both the hobbiest and semi-professional candle makers. These range from stearin and vybar which not only help with mould release, but also allow a higher percentage of fragrance oil to be added to the wax, to microsoft wax to help prevent mottling, to candle varnish which protects your finished candle and gives it a high gloss. Everything you need to produce professional candles, whether they are pillar, votive, novelty or tea light candles.
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CS Bipol-X - 50g

Prevents the leaching of fragrance from the wax, allowing you to add more scent to your candle. Great for candles layered with different scents, to stop the fragrances mixing.

. Allows you to Increase fragrance added to wax without leaching or sweating
. Melts at 80 degrees C
. Maximum addition of 7g per 100g wax
. Use 1g for 3ml of fragrance oil

Product Code: ADD009410


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Microcrystalline Wax (Soft)

Use Microwax 'Soft' to give better glass adhesion, and add a few millimetres to the melt pool if you're not quite getting there with your wick size.

. Makes waxes a little stickier and helps eliminate wet spots.
. Helps reduce/ eliminate 'tunnelling' in glass containers
. Add to melting container wax at a rate of 2-10%

Product Code: WAX011694


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PE22 Polymer Hardener - 100g

PE22 is a polymer hardener used to raise the melt-point of wax. It is often added to wax to create hurricane candle shells, not only to give them a tough finish, but to make sure the shell doesn't melt when a tea light is burned inside it.

It can also be used as a final over-dip for surface decorations to preserve the shell and stop the decorations from falling into the melt pool.

Product Code: WAX009824


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Stearin - Natural Palm

Added to wax, stearin produces a harder candle, improves burn quality, depth of colour if dye used, and helps mould release from metal or polycarbonate moulds.

. Natural Palm stearin
. Improves colour and opacity
. Improves burn quality
. Add to wax at the rate of approx 2-10%


Product Code: WAX006533


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UV Stabilizer-100g

Protect your colours from fading caused by both natural and artificial lighting. A simple additive to keep your colours brighter longer. Especially useful if candles are on display, or not stored in a dark place. All that's needed is 1g per kilo of wax - cheap as chips, but so very useful!

Product Code: WAX011503


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Vybar (50g)

The perfect wax additive for producing harder candles with a good opacity of colour. May be used in latex moulds in place of stearin, to aid mould release. Vybar also prevents oils from leaching out - allowing you to use more candle scent, and achieve a highly fragranced candle.

. Safe to use in latex moulds
. Prevents the leaching and sweating of perfume oils
. Allows a higher percentage of scented oil to be added to wax, for stronger fragrance
. Add to melted wax

Product Code: ADD009493


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