Floating Candle Mould - Heart

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Flexible, plastic tray with 6 heart shape moulds. Use for candle making, floating candles, soap making or bath bombs.

Tray measures approx 15 x 22cm, with individual mould measuring approx 5cms across (at the widest point) and 2cm deep.



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How To Make Floating Heart Candles

Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere like the soft glow of candles.  Here's how to make some heart-shaped floating candle.  Superb for Valentines day, or that special meal for two!

Equipment you will need:

Double boiler
Stirring Stick
Pouring Jug
Heat Source
Weighing scales


150g Pillar wax
Floating Heart Mould (6 cavity)
2-3g Windsor Red dye chips
6 X pre-tabbed Tea Light wicks


1.  Weigh out the pillar wax and place in the jug using the double boiler method.  Place the double boiler over a medium heat.

2.  Once the wax has completely melted, add the red dye a little at a time.  Check the colour by dropping a few drops onto cool white saucer, if the colour is too pale, add a little more dye and check again.

3.  Using the thermometer, check the temperature of the wax.  You want good shrinkage, so pour the wax at approx 75-80C.

4.  The wax will be a beautiful, clear ruby red colour when you first pour - like a full-bodied wine.  Keep an eye on the wax and when the bottom starts to go cloudy, carefully insert a straight wick assembly into the centre of each of the heart cavities.  The wax should be cool enough to allow the pre-waxed wick to remain rigid and upright.

5.  If your wick starts to droop to one side, prop it up centrally using a cocktail stick.

6.  Check the candles after 10 minutes. The wax will shrink back, which is what you need to help it release from the mould.  If shrinkage is unsightly, you'll need a 'top-up' second pour. Re-melt your left-over wax, poke a few holes around the wick area of your candles to ensure good bonding between the two layers of wax, and top-up.

7.  Allow the wax to harden completely, trim the wick if necessary to approx 1cm. Allow the candle to mature for 24 hours, place in a bowl of water, light and enjoy....

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