Opening Bud Candle Mould

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A two-piece polycarbonate mould to produce a highly decorative, oval shaped candle. The two pieces clip together for pouring, and then separate for easy release. Four little legs support the mould securely whilst the wax hardens. an absolute delight!

. Two piece polycarbonate candle mould
. Heat resistant up to 120 degrees C
. 4 supporting legs provide a sturdy base
. Use with paraffin or paraffin/stearin blend wax
. Candle mould stands approx 14cm tall, 11.5cm across and 5cm at the deepest point.
. Wick supporting pin, clips and seal included
. Try LX14 wick for paraffin wax with colour

Mould uses approx 420g wax

NB: The solvent in some candle fragrances can damage the inside surface of the mould. We don't recommend using fragrance in these moulds.

NB: Using very strong colours may stain the mould

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