Candle Dyes

With the help of our candle dyes, you can create a candle from the softest pastel shade, right up to vibrant and eye-catching centre pieces. Our candle dyes are available in a rainbow of colours from sunny yellows, to warm reds and oranges, to cool blues and greens. The full colour circle is ready at your fingertips helping you create the perfect candle for weddings, gifts or to co-ordinate with your home décor.

If you're looking for a candle dye that's clean to use and easy to measure, then look no further than our pelleted dyes. The pellets allow for accurate measuring, blend well with waxes, produce wonderful colours and keep you safe from spills and mis-haps. If you're looking for a non-paraffin based dye that blends well in gel wax, then try our liquid dyes.

Whatever style of candle you are making, we have a dye to suit!

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Here is a Free Candle record sheet you can download and print to help you track the relevant details for your candles:


Paraffin Based Dyes

Paraffin-based dyes are concentrated dyes infused into a wax 'carrier'.  They are usually in chip, pellet or block form making them clean and easy to use.  The pellets allow for accurate measuring, the chips are just as easy to use, the blocks may need to cut or 'shaved'.

When you add your dye to melted wax, it's difficult to judge the shade the final colour will be.  Here's a quick way to check to see the final colour before you add more dye.

1.  Always add the dye a little at a time
2.  Always add the dye when the wax is fully melted
3.  Drip several drops of the coloured wax onto a cold, white saucer.  The wax will harden quickly and you'll be able to judge the final shade.
4.  If you want a greater depth of shade, add a little more dye and test again.
5.  Soya and other natural waxes will give a more 'pastel' shade than paraffin waxes.

Gel Wax

Paraffin based wax dyes don't work well with gel wax.  The 'carrier' paraffin wax used in the chips, pellets or blocks will make the gel wax go 'cloudy'.  Use liquid dyes for colouring gel wax.

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