Is Your Fragrance Gel Wax Compatible?

Is Your Fragrance Gel Wax Compatible?

Gel wax is 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer, so the fragrance you use needs to be able to mix with mineral oil (Miscible).  If the fragrance isn't miscible, then you will get pockets or layers of fragrance oil that may ignite.  Not all fragrances will blend, but there's a quick  test you can do to check to see if the one you have is.

Step 1 - Flashpoint

Gel wax has a high melt point and the fragrance needs to be able to tolerate that, so any fragrance with a flash point of less than 80C (176F) isn't suitable. 

Step 2

Once you have made sure the flashpoint is sufficiently high, then you need to make sure the fragrance will blend well.  For this you need to  perform a 'Mineral Oil Miscibility Test'
You will need some mineral oil (liquid paraffin, baby oil etc), a clear container and the fragrance.

Add 1 part fragrance and 3 parts mineral oil to the clear container.  Give them a really good mix and leave the container undisturbed for  half and hour.  If the mixture has separated into two distinct layers, or if the mixture is 'cloudy', then the fragrance isn't suitable.

If the mixture is completely clear, with no layers, move on to the second test, just to make absolutely sure.  Add 3 parts fragrance, to 1 part mineral oil and give them a good mix again.  allow the mixture to settle undisturbed for half an hour and then check. 

If the mixture hasn't separated into 2 layers and isn't cloudy, then the fragrance oil is considered  'Gel wax compatible'!

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C G - 09/10/2016
Very happy - i have bought from you before.
L C - 08/10/2016
Very nice looking forward to buying more as I venture into candle making
N N - 07/10/2016
Thank you for your last delivery very pleased
C t - 06/10/2016
Great improvement on the site in the past year! SO many more things to choose from and also Soap Making, wow! x
C t - 06/10/2016
Great improvement on the site in the past year! SO many more things to choose from and also Soap Making, wow! x
W M - 04/10/2016
I have gone for 12 of the red poly candle holders to see if they will do the job thanks for your help on the telephone this morning
J P - 30/09/2016
Really pleased as a new customer with the fragrances I tried on my first order and the fast delivery. I cant wait for you to have more fragrances to choose from as I think I will be a regular customer x
R S - 28/09/2016
Fantastic website! I have recently got into candle / wax melt making and I had such fun browsing through the things you have to offer. Perhaps clearer explanations would be helpful for us beginners. Loved the fragrance options!
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Excellent Service!! Highly Recommend.
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Fantastic quick service..thank you. x