We try to keep our postal prices as low as possible. There is however, a lower limit because of the cost of packing materials. 

Postage is based on weight and the best way to find out what you would be charged is to add items to a shopping basket then visit the 'Basket View' page (postage for the UK is always shown in the shopping summary which remains in view whenever there are products in your basket). The default destination is the UK Mainland and cost will automatically be shown for that. If you do not live in the UK then you simply select the appropriate destination country from the drop down list and postage will be recalculated for you.

NB: You cannot be charged anything until you have gone right through checkout and confirmed an order so don't worry about putting things in a basket.

We select the cheapest postage option for you by default, however, if there are faster methods of delivery available, you will be able to select that during the checkout process. 

We ship to all domestic destinations as well as most of Europe and many other international destinations.

PLEASE NOTE: We are bound by the terms of service of the various carriers we use and that means we have to pass those conditions on in any orders placed with us. The delivery times we give are therefore our best estimates based on the published information for the particular carrier and are provided for your guidance only. For example, Royal Mail 1st Class Post is usually next working day delivery, but that can vary depending on where you live, time of year etc. and cannot be absolutely guaranteed. We recommend you visit the Royal Mail site to see their latest terms and service levels.

see our note about delivery times.

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C G - 09/10/2016
Very happy - i have bought from you before.
L C - 08/10/2016
Very nice looking forward to buying more as I venture into candle making
N N - 07/10/2016
Thank you for your last delivery very pleased
C t - 06/10/2016
Great improvement on the site in the past year! SO many more things to choose from and also Soap Making, wow! x
C t - 06/10/2016
Great improvement on the site in the past year! SO many more things to choose from and also Soap Making, wow! x
W M - 04/10/2016
I have gone for 12 of the red poly candle holders to see if they will do the job thanks for your help on the telephone this morning
J P - 30/09/2016
Really pleased as a new customer with the fragrances I tried on my first order and the fast delivery. I cant wait for you to have more fragrances to choose from as I think I will be a regular customer x
R S - 28/09/2016
Fantastic website! I have recently got into candle / wax melt making and I had such fun browsing through the things you have to offer. Perhaps clearer explanations would be helpful for us beginners. Loved the fragrance options!
L F - 20/09/2016
Excellent Service!! Highly Recommend.
C C - 20/09/2016
Fantastic quick service..thank you. x