Balloon Hurricane Candle Shell

How To Make a Hurricane Candle Shell - Using A Balloon!

Strange - but true!  You can create beautiful hurricane candle shells using water-filled balloons.  A really cost-effective way of  lighting up your gardens for outdoor events such as weddings, barbecues, birthday celebrations or just enjoying the summer evening.

Hurricane candle shells are a holder for a small tea light, the thin shell allows the light to shine through, whilst protecting the candle from the breeze.  You can colour co-ordinate them to suit your theme, and as they are not designed to melt, you can decorate them with all sorts of things; from craft stick-ons to self-adhesive faux jewels, or perhaps some nice scary designs for Halloween!

What You'll Need:

1 balloon per hurricane holder
Paraffin Wax
PE22 - Polymer hardener @ 4% (Optional)
Large Melting jug
Dye - optional
Stirring stick
Metal baking sheet - pre-cooled
Pin for popping balloon
Decorations - Optional

How To:

1.  Fill your balloon with water from the tap until it's the size you want - remember not to make it too small, you don't want the flame from the tea light to melt the walls:)
2.  Tie off the top of the balloon and pop it in the freezer to chill (not freeze) whilst the wax is melting.
3.  Melt your paraffin wax in a tall melting jug - it needs to be deep enough to dip the balloon several times.
4.  Pre-melt the PE22 in a small metal container over direct heat then add to the hot wax. (Optional)
5.  Put the wax back on the heat and stir thoroughly to make sure the PE22 is really well incorporated.
6.  Take the water-filled balloon out of the freezer, and holding it by the tied top, gently dunk it into the hot wax.  The balloon is cold, so it will harden the wax quickly.

7.  After the second dunking, flatten the bottom on the cold baking sheet to give you a firm base.

8.  Dunk the shell up to the same level about 6-8 times in total, flattening the base between layers.
9.  Allow the shell to harden for about 10 minutes, then carefully burst the balloon to release the water.
10.  The top edge will be ragged.  To smooth it off, use a baking sheet covered in foil, or old frying pan, over a very low heat on the hob.  Turn the hurricane mould upside down and, using circular motions, rub the rim around the hot baking sheet.  This will melt the excess wax and leave you with a lovely smooth rim.  You can also do this with the base if it's a bit wonky, but don't melt a hole in it!

10. Let the shell cool and really harden for a couple of hours then decorate to suit the occasions!

NB:  To prevent the heat from the tealight from melting a hole straight through the bottom, fill the base with sand, or use our silicone tea light inserts.


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